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KinConsult E-mail Solution
  • Create brand synergy across your emails, landing pages, and websites
  • Design with intelligent visual organization in mind
  • Overcome common rendering obstacles in major ISPs
  • Optimize your HTML code effectively for different email
KinConsult Online Survey Solution
  • Create online surveys in a snap
  • Invite your contacts to take your survey with built-in survey email
  • Create a survey link on your website
  • Get results fast with instant response tracking and reporting
  • Engage your website visitors with interactive polls
KinConsult is a search engine marketing professional services outfit that develops, implements and manages both natural search engine optimization and paid search advertising campaigns. We help you dramatically increase the quality and quantity of visitors to your website, significantly improve the rate at which those visitors become your customers, and maximize the Return on Advertisement Spend (ROAS).

KinConsult has creative people on board, we continuously refine our proven campaign management process, and invest in the ongoing development of leading-edge technology. Because of the high standards we maintain in these areas, you receive campaign strategies and levels of client service that are superior to that available elsewhere in the marketplace. This translates to the type of bottom line business results that help you exceed your marketing goals.

Contact us now to learn how we can produce bottom line business results for you.

The following suite of search engine marketing services is available to help you exceed your online marketing goals and achieve the highest possible online marketing ROI:
  • Natural Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Advertising Management
  • Paid Inclusion Management
  • Feed Management
  • International Search Engine Optimization
KinConsult is a third party that brings together the needs of Merchants (Advertisers) and Affiliates (Publishers). We do this by following well laid down affiliate marketing practices.
Drive quality results and extend your reach by partnering with KinConsult's network of publishers. Further increase sales by complementing your customized affiliate marketing program
Maximize your revenue opportunities by developing sustainable relationships with top-tier advertisers. Perform and get paid for every sale and lead you generate. For qualifying publishers, take your program to the next level with KinConsult's solution for top-performers.
The major trends are such that 75 % of online consumers are content creators. The big question is what are they saying about your brand online. Do you have control about consumer generated media? Do you have a strategy if there is a negative video on youtube about your products?

The current landscape is
  • Consumers are in control
  • Media is fragmented, consumers are attention elusive and trust with brands is eroding
  • Search is rewriting rules and redefining brand “equity”
  • Rise of Corporate, global blogosphere
  • Broadband is finally here – On demand everything
  • Video engagement is critical.
  • Online defensive branding is needed

With the explosion of different consumer generated media channels KinConsult will help drive your brand strategy through the vast online landscape in a tactful and well coordinated manner.  KinConsult understands how consumers interact with content online and we shall strive to provide the keys that will help unlock brand interaction and user intent by being:

  • Thorough in our analysis
  • Having a clear cut strategy
  • Activating programs in the right online channels
  • Engaging customers across the vast internet landscape and
  • Ensuring that we measure our results while attaining the highest Return on Advertisement Spend (ROAS)
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